Sportsman performance classes move to National Records system

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As part of their commitment to keep Australian drag racing competitive, relevant and fair, 400 Thunder and IHRA Australia have approved an overhaul to the 400 Thunder Sportsman Series performance classes.

As part of the changes brought forward by sportsman racers, through the Sportsman Commissions in both NSW & QLD, it sees the change to a National Records system in an effort to make racing easier to enjoy and more exciting for both competitors and spectators alike.

The updates will include:

• Removal of the current Index system, to be replaced with a National Records-based system
• Qualification and subsequent handicapping against the IHRA National Records for their respective class
• National Records WILL NOT be adjusted during events
• Records can only be reset with two passes in eliminations or competition. Records cannot be set in qualifying
• Racing will run to a Professional Series Ladder Format

To complement the proposed changes, it has been recommended that a Records Review Committee be established. The committee’s primary function will be to monitor, and adjust as necessary, class records to ensure fair racing amongst competitors.

These changes affect the 400 Thunder National Championship series for Super Stock, Competition and Competition Bike, and will take effect in time for the 2017/18 Season commencing at Springmount Raceway on 7th October, 2017.

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