Star Wars joins nitro wars with new car

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The Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car Show has a new star – it’s not a driver, crew chief or stunt rider – it’s a new car and the launch of Stormtrooper is likely to be a fan favourite with the kids, as well as the parents.

The new nitro coupe will be a standout on the track with the white livery against the dark track surface.

The artwork for the new the Outlaw Nitro Funny Car is based on the fictional soldiers from George Lucas’ Star Wars universe, under the leadership of Darth Vader.

“There are plenty of black cars out there already and that ruled out Vader, so this was a chance to do something different,” said Cowin Family Racing boss Graeme Cowin.

“The kids will love it and so will Mum and Dad.”

The troopers’ most distinctive equipment is their white battle armour, inherited from their time as clone troopers and the 1970 Mach 1 Ford Mustang shares the same look but the engine combination is as cutting edge as the car’s livery.

“This has the latest mechanical configuration,” explained series manager Steve Bettes.

“Our friends in northern Queensland will be the first to see this car make a pass. That stunning paintjob and big header flames will be quite a sight.

“The track staff at Benaraby are busy preparing a great race track and we can’t wait to get down there and put on a show for them. With 12 Outlaw Nitro Funny Cars now confirmed, the wheelstander and much more, it’s going to be a big night!”


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