Success! – Website login is back

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The issue with users not being able to log in to Dragnews and the forum has been resolved, so feel free to log back in and resume posting on the website.


The For Sale section in becoming increasingly more popular and you all have the ability to upload your own images and is free for use. Don’t forget the general forum section, even in the world of social media these days forums can still provide a useful community for the flow of information and discussion, but requires your support for it to be a success.


We have a lot of new plans for Drag News Australia in the future, but we still want and need your feedback on what you want to see on Drag News, what you do or do not like. Also we would like you to submit story and news ideas on yourself, or others, let us know what you are up to so we can feature you.


Contributors are also welcome from any track around the Australia particular the regional venues, photographers or scribblers, if you feel you can help cover the sport let us know!.


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