Summerland drags rocks winter in Casino

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The Summerland Drags at Casino Airstrip in northern New South Wales continued its series of popular events recently.


The spectators were out to see a combination of vehicles, from purpose built drag monsters to daily drivers.


According to the results sheets the quickest on the day was a 6.60 pass over the eighth mile course, recorded by a rider known only as ‘The Kid’ riding a vehicle known only as a ‘Suzuki’! We are guessing this is the one – if not we apologise!


Quickest car for the day was the turbocharged Honda S600 monster of Phil Penny with a 6.69. if nothing else this car makes a statement where ever it appears.


On the unique air strip surface a four wheel drive vehicle was a good choice. Nissan GTRs were there in strength including this pair of R35s. Near lane is Karen Gorton who bested with a 7.54 on the day while we think that is ‘Ricky’ from Hose Clamp Garage in the far lane who went 7.30.


A 7.19 from Michael Cook’s Holden had him quickest of the Exhibition vehicles on the day.


‘Damien’ in this Desoto represented for the old school crowd.

Check out some more photos below thanks to Dave Reid and!


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