Sunoco E85-R is here

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That’s right, the official fuel of Indy Car now available in Australia!


Sunoco E85-R is a genuine racing spec E85 & is renowned for being the most powerful E85 on the market today!  Conventional E85 can vary from 68% to 79% ethanol or so but rarely contains 85% ethanol.  Conventional E85 can also vary seasonally, the composition of Sunoco E85-R race fuel does not change.  The non-ethanol portion of Sunoco E85-R is comprised of Sunoco’s highly-refined 260GTX, 98 octane race fuel for stability and consistency.  Sunoco E85-R is the racer’s fuel of choice where E85 fuels are allowed.  Sunoco E85-R does not contain metallic additives and will not harm oxygen sensors.  Sunoco E85-R is the fuel of choice for the IRL.  Sunoco is currently working with ANDRA to have the fuel homologated for use.
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