Supa Charger ups the power for Portland

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The new concrete racing surface at Fuchs South Coast Raceway at Portland will be given all it can take as the Schultz family up the power in their Supa Charger Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car with the addition of a bigger fuel pump and ignition system for the January 3 event.


The team decided it was time for the upgrades after the recent Night of Fire event, which saw the car slightly off its best performances.

Team owner, Greg Schultz explained, “We were always going to up the specs of the pump and magneto, purely from a safety point of view. It means we don’t have to rev the engine as hard and we can be kinder on the equipment.

“In Sydney, we had just a couple of small issues, that just took the edge off of our tune-up, the newer magneto technology just eliminates the potential for dramas and means the crowd gets better runs more often thanks to the reliability.

One of the added benefits of the new setup is the big exhaust header flames that nitro cars are famous for, and it’s one thing that not only keeps the crowds happy, but the drivers too!

“Of course I want header flames!” laughed Schultz.

“Nitro cars sound angry with their unique ‘cackle’ and this means they look as good as they sound.”

Greg’s son, Daniel Schultz, an experienced Top Fuel racer and Competition Eliminator competitor is the driver of the Supa Charger.

Daniel explained, “The last event for us was not our best but we have managed to take a win here and we’ll be looking to do the same this year.”

“Thanks to Dad and Graeme Cowin and all of the boys down at the race shop, we have the Charger set to go quicker and faster than last year.

“I can’t wait to see the header flames through the side windows of the car and they’ll need to be on full song.

“We have ten of the best cars in the country ready to take the title at this event and there will be no easy wins, but I’m fired up for another Aeroflow trophy!” Daniel exclaimed.

The event also sees former ANDRA Top Fuel Champion Darren Morgan make his funny car debut in the series and two wheelstanding funny cars for the first time ever at a regional venue.



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