Super Gas’ Matt Forbes feeling the NHRA thrill again

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Matt Forbes might have found himself out in round of the NHRA Toyota Nationals in Las Vegas but the Victorian sportsman racer is still smiling.

Forbes found himself up against a tough opponent in Mike Ferderer for round one and with some concern about going red, Forbes added some time to his delay box.

“It was a good drag race and we were both sizing each other up at the finish line,” he said. “I took .005 at the stripe to be .011 under the index. Basically Mike dropped a .003 light on me and was .013 above for a 16 thou total package.

“Now that we have 4 runs in this car we have some good data and hope to have a bit better luck next weekend (at the Vegas Divisional).
“Out of the five cars we are running this weekend, Buddy is still in with his SG car, Jimmy has his SG and SC cars into round two and unfortunately Erica (Enders) and I took a beating.”

Forbes made three time trial passes and said he thought his borrowed Corvette was a top ride.

“I was very impressed with how good the car handles and we had great RTs and the ET (was) certainly something to work with. A little quick at 10.02 on a 10.05 altitude adjusted index however we ended time runs pretty happy.”

Enders is a team mate for Forbes this weekend and it’s safe to say the Victorian was a little starstruck.

“It’s not often you can say a two time World Pro Stock Champion buys your team lunch and delivers it to your pits!” he said.
“We have met so many people but working with Buddy and Karen Wood, Jimmy and Phylis Lewis, Cody Wampler and Erica Enders is just an amazing experience. These guys love what they do and it shows. They are all class.”

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