Sydney Dragway appoints new venue and events manager

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Sydney Dragway is delighted to announce the appointment of Ray Treasure as the Venue and Events Manager for the Western Sydney based Drag Racing facility.
Treasure has had a long relationship and love affair with the sport of Drag Racing that began in 1976 as a staging lanes official at Ravenswood.

Later, the West Australian became meeting director at the now defunct Ravenswood Raceway out West, and then afterwards became an ANDRA Steward – and a national classifier there.  He also enjoyed racing down the quarter mile. His family as well are heavily involved in the sport of Drag Racing.

However, Treasure is best known for his return over the past several years as the Drag Racing Manager at the Perth Motorplex venue.

“After the last 6 years at Perth Motorplex in my role there, I come to Sydney with the best season ever for me in terms of having all Pro Series Categories represented in Perth for the first time during last season,” Treasure explained.  “It was a rewarding experience professionally and personally.”

Ray Treasure also wants to make one point crystal clear in his appointment from Perth Motorplex to Sydney Dragway.

“I didn”t leave Perth to take up this role specifically. It didn’t exist when I left the Perth Motorplex. However, I am very passionate about this sport and this recent opportunity in Sydney means I can remain in the sport I love.”

“I see working at Sydney Dragway as a career progression, working at the biggest track in the country, I look forward to the challenge and I am fully aware that it is a big one facing us ahead.”

No doubt Treasure is excited by the opportunity to work at Australian Drag Racing’s biggest and newest quarter mile facility, but is not under any false illusion at the challenges facing him in Australia’s biggest city – and hence – toughest marketplace.

“I am respectful and appreciate the efforts made by many at Sydney Dragway in the past. For all that however, there hasn”t been a dedicated Events manager at the track since Peter Pike being there and providing a genuine contact point for the racers and officials in particular is crucial moving forward.”

“I feel very passionate, about making the place a good place to race and an enjoyable experience for all.”

Also racers, officials and administrators in Sydney are about to experience the ‘hands-on’ style of work that Ray Treasure is well known for!

“I am not much for just delegating tasks, I am very much a hands on, roll the sleeves up kind of person and get on with the job of getting things done and by being involved on the front line, it shows I wouldn”t ask anyone to do anything I would not do myself.”

As for the specific ideas he has and challenges ahead, Ray is very clear in his thoughts on the matter too.

“I want the results to speak for themselves. Simple as that. Sydney is a demanding market and I understand changes will happen through refinement over time.”

“I see an opportunity to further strengthen the major National events, develop Track Championship Events, harnessing the blown classes in Sydney and look at developing promotable feature entertainment around these too.”

Sydney Dragway representative Jim Read is delighted to have Ray Treasure on board as well.

“The appointment of Ray Treasure fills a gap that Sydney Dragway has had for quite some time now and his decades of specific Event Management and Drag Racing experience is exactly what we need to step up and move forward in this market. We welcome him on board enthusiastically,” Read said.

Ray Treasure begins his role from Monday, July 12.

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