Sydney Dragway Chairman issues another statement

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Sydney Dragway has issued another statement from their Chairman Sam Sofi on the current situation at the track.

Statement begins.

“I am sure by now you know of the changes at Sydney Dragway.

It is time for me to bring you an update.

Firstly I am pleased to report my Sub Board has confirmed the March events:  The Doorslammer and Pro stock event which will now be held on Friday March 18th and Saturday March 19th – watch the website for specific details and the press for details of naming rights sponsor and other supporters.  I am very excited by this news.  Also on March 26th and 27th we will have The Day of The Drags – this is an exciting expansion of what was previously a private event – I encourage you to come and have a look.

In terms of the Sub Board at this time I have appointed two people to assist me; firstly Pieter Versluis who is the Group General Manager of the Trans-West Group (of which I am Managing Director). Pieter is a successful businessman in his own right and has been with my group for over 20 years. Prior to that he was a successful sports administrator with education spending his last two years there as a General Manager of a Bicentennial International Sporting Event under the auspices of the Premiers Department. His knowledge of sport, bureaucracy, Government relations, finance and business has been invaluable to me. Pieter is currently acting as the Executive Officer of this Sub Board. He is a motorsport enthusiast and competitor and wants to hear from you at .

My second appointment is Mal Bremer. Mr Bremer is a retired Assistant Commissioner of Police and the former Executive Director, Strategic Operations of ICAC (Independent Commission Against Corruption).   Although Mal is new to Motorsport I have requested his assistance in areas of government relations, logistics, the statutory requirements we have, and public policy. Make contact with Mal via our Executive Officer.

At the same time a number of you have offered to help and we appreciate those offers.  We will need more people.  As I have already stated there are skills and views we want to encourage. I have also made contact with ANDRA and requested they nominate someone to assist the Sub Board.  And of course one of the current Board will be included.  I expect this Sub Board will meet very early February.

On another matter there have been some rumors about various other identities taking over the track. Ladies and Gentlemen I assure you nothing is further from the truth. I state again that the Management Sub Board is in charge.  I would be pleased if you would raise any such rumours directly with me via

But back to the update:  as many of you know we have spent a lot of time asking questions, getting feedback and clarifying documentation. There is a lot more to do. One thing is certain; I have been overwhelmed and some what humbled by the support. Many of you have responded to my previous Statement and to the Press Release – Thank you. We are reviewing all of your comments and suggestions – and we will respond. We also intend to conduct some forums where you can express your view – but I do urge you to follow my lead – and lets look forward – lets make the venue better – as Dick Johnson once said:  “ The only thing you can get from looking backwards is a sore neck”. (I know he is a circuit racer but the comment is relevant!)

Ladies and Gentlemen I have been gratified by your support to date.  We are only interested in taking the venue forward later making it the best racer friendly and family friendly venue in the country. It needs you! We need you. I need you.

Let me ask you to do one thing: for The Doorslammer and Pro Stock event bring your family and bring your mates.

Statement ends

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