Sydney Dragway Chairman update – 28th Feb

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Sydney Dragway Chairman Sam Sofi’s latest statement on the state of affairs at the venue.

We have been very busy since my last statement to you on February 15th.

Our focus is clearly on making the ANDRA Doorslammer and Pro Stock event on March 18thand 19tha huge success – and for that we need you  – and 10 of your mates. The current financial situation means we have a very limited marketing budget – no huge radio or TV campaign I’m afraid.  However if we all do a little bit this will help.  Tickets are on sale – get in early.

A few other things:  Pieter and I attended a recent meeting at Smithfield RSL and were humbled by the positive response. There were some questions regarding membership of Western Sydney International Dragway Ltd and the structure of the Board and some Constitutional matters. These are issues the Sub Board is reviewing and I will report further when this has been completed.  This is unlikely to be before the end of May.

We were also questioned about marketing and merchandising.


I am pleased to announce we have engaged Jet Multi Media to work in conjunction with us for the Doorslammer and Nitro events.  Andrew Hawkins may be known to some of you for his MOTIVE DVD series available at Newsagents and automotive outlets. He will bring some very fresh eyes to television promotion; Andrew commented he was “very excited about working with Sydney Dragway – something I have wanted to do for some time.  I want to bring my ideas and energy to new marketing strategies for the track and video projects for the track and all racers.”

Andrew will be well supported by his partner Jacqui who has just completed 8 years with BP and Castrol.  Jacqui holds first class honours in Marketing and will bring a totally new perspective to the efforts to secure sponsors for the track.

Additionally we have accepted a very generous offer from Rocket Industries to provide the services of Mary Fabietti to assist Jacqui in the areas of corporate sales and ticketing for these two events. Mary has extensive experience in special event administration and I know her passion and prior involvement will result in increased corporate and media attention to your sport.

I again thank all who have sent comments and recommendations. We do read all of them but it has become impossible to respond to every individual.  Please accept my thanks – and keep them coming – you are not being ignored.  Every thought helps us help you.


As I previously reported TSM will no longer be operating the Merchandising store. At this time the Sub Board may contract someone to operate the shop for the Pro Series Event and possibly the Nitro Championships.

After that time the Sub Board will seek expressions of interest for a longer term involvement by Merchandisers interested in working with Sydney Dragway. You will appreciate time is of the essence in terms of the March and April events. Accordingly a short term decision will be made and more detailed review will then be undertaken.

A couple of Initiatives:

Jacqui and Mary are keen to reactivate our connection with the local media – tell them if you have an interesting story. And we want to involve local schools, Mary will be making those contacts. If you teach or work at a local school let Mary know.


The track’s finances require considerable work. Sandra Garland has tendered her resignation and will leave her position as Financial Controller on March 18th. I take this opportunity to thank Sandra for her work at the track. At this time Pieter is working through all outstanding financial matters. His work will be greatly assisted by a successful ANDRA Pro Series event.

The Future:

We have introduced some stability to both decision making and direction – the staff at the Dragway – Tony, Ray, John, Angela and Mark are working closely with contractors Andrew, Jacqui and Mary to ensure the upcoming events are a success. Both Pieter and I are involving ourselves on a daily basis. Pieter has been focusing on operational and financial matters whilst I have been focusing on Corporate Sponsors – and there are some exciting possibilities.


There is a lot to do and I think we are on the way. We appreciate your support. See you at the track very soon.  Make yourself known.

Sam Sofi

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