Sydney Dragway Chairman’s statement 21st April

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An update and invitation – and some clarification.

A call to ARMS.       

I need your help!!!

The Track Championships event held last weekend saw the Pro Stock cars return to finish what they started last month.  Well not quite – it was a new event – and good close racing right through to the Final saw Aaron Tremayne take the win with a 7.099.
Ray Treasure was sure his crew’s track preparation would see a 6 second pass if the conditions were right – but not this time!
Let’s do it at the Nitro’s….  Ray.

The close racing continued in every bracket – and many of you commented on the track preparation.  Frank Oliveri found it so good he sent his Torana towards the wall but steering in mid air he managed to bring it down and complete his run. As well he also did a PB on the night.

Spectator numbers were not as good as we would have liked but the lack of funds available for mass advertising means we need your help.

For the NITRO CHAMPS we will campaign on 2WS; the EDGE 96.1; the local papers; online with SOCEXCHANGE; YouTube; AUTO ACTION; with EXPRESS PUBLICATIONS; at DOONSIDE IGA; flyers and posters in all local business houses; in 321 IGNITION; signage at Ferrers Road – and via you!!  If you bring two paying spectators that will help immensely.

In my previous communiqués I have talked about the formation of the Management Sub Board and now I would like to share with you some clarifications.  At the meeting on January 6th 2011 the Board unanimously passed the following:

“To establish under Section 58 of the Constitution a Sub-Board of this Board to be titled the Management Sub-Board; to be chaired by Sam Sofi, who shall determine membership of the said Sub-Board, providing at least one other current Board member is included; and that this Sub-Board be constituted at the conclusion of this Special Meeting and assume all power of the Board.”

It is clear the Board at that time identified a number of issues and that a fresh approach was necessary – This was a positive step.

My Management Sub Board has in fact assumed all power of the Board and has effected a number of changes.  It is this group of people who are now controlling the direction of your track; and they will report to the AGM of the company on July 29th 2011.  This will be a meeting of all members of Western Sydney International Dragway Ltd who shall consider the Report, review possible Constitutional changes and elect a new Board. In this context you will see a more transparent election of Board members.

A few other matters; the Management Sub Board Executive Officer Pieter Versluis and I have worked closely to implement the necessary changes.  I know many of you have met with him as he has traversed the Pits.  Unfortunately Pieter will not be able to attend the Nitro Champs as he has a prior international commitment related to his work – a commitment locked in last October.  However, I know the work he has done with the staff and other members of my Sub Board will see a fantastic NITRO CHAMPS.

One of the issues we have addressed is the track’s financial position.  In the last 3 years Government Grants have kept the track afloat.  Huge expenditures on advertising -particularly radio and television – have meant many of the large events have not generated huge returns.  This coupled with infrastructure expenditure, significant decrease in spectator numbers, poor weather, loss of corporate support, and decreasing racer support has led to a poor financial position.

Accordingly the Management Sub Board has implemented initiatives to:
– Increase Corporate and Racer support.
– Collect outstanding debts.
– Curb expenditure on staff, telephones and motor vehicles.
– Audit invoices – and enhance an approvals procedure in line with budget requirements.
– Encourage racer attendance.
– Improve cash handling procedures and accountability:
– Increase and enhance Financial reporting.
– Improve Banking procedures.
– Establish Cash flow budgeting.
– Encourage spectator attendance – this is difficult – evidence of huge advertising expenditure has not translated to spectator attendance so some new strategies are required -We must engage in diverse marketing – with new ideas and in some cases with new people.
– Improve television exposure for Groups 2, 3 and 4.

All of this with the clear aim to rebuild Sydney Dragway as a venue of choice.

One of the changes I strongly support is the establishment of “Friends of Sydney Dragway” – a social club which will give you an opportunity to be part of the tracks future.  Be on the lookout for more detail over the next week.

As always I welcome your feedback.

Sam Sofi –


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