Sydney Dragway – Letter from the Chairman

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Following on from a meeting held between ANDRA, Sydney Dragway and Willowbank Raceway, talks have resulted in a way forward to ensure the current Championship series stays alive for 2012 and ANDRA is given every chance to succeed in remodelling the sport to ensure a strong 2013 and beyond for Championship Drag Racing.

It was announced today ANDRA, Sydney Dragway and Willowbank Raceway will introduce a graduated prizemoney scale which will be used at events for the remainder of the 2011/2012 ANDRA Championship calendar, securing viability at the events and making sure the tracks can afford to continually run them.


Sydney Dragway & ANDRA believe the March Championship round needs to go ahead and strengthen confidence in the series, the graduated scale has been based on events affected by weather which impacts on lack of attendances, this is devastating to the series and competitors plus crippling for drag racing venues. Sydney Dragway is working closely with ANDRA to remodel and bring Championship Drag racing into the 21stcentury; this is one step back to move two steps forward to 2013 and beyond.

While the percentage of prizemoney paid will be lower if crowd numbers are down, there will also be a 10% bonus on top of current prizemoney amounts if crowd numbers are good.

Sydney Dragway Chairman Steve Dupond said it was no secret the Sydney track was going through a tough financial period, especially following many street meet rain outs, but Sydney Dragway was committed to provide rounds for the elite drag racers of Australia and give the ANDRA remodelling of the sport every chance to succeed.

“Sydney Dragway’s management will need some breathing space to get back on top of the situation while we put in place our own game plan through remodelling our own business practices to secure a brighter future, but the show needs to go on. I feel confident the new Management team driving Sydney Dragway will get Sydney Dragway back to a financially secure facility.

“We want prizemoney to continue as a part of the sport and a reward for racers who do well,” Steve said.

“Sydney Dragway needs to ensure that in the event of more bad weather the financial hit will not be fatal and in days of big crowds the rewards will be shared.”

Figures on rates will be released to racers via the Sydney Dragway “Competitor Info Tab” for the March Championship round in order to be honest and up front with racers about what they will be competing for.


Steve Dupond
Sydney Dragway.

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