Sydney Dragway Track Champs changes to spice up 2015 series

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Sydney Dragway is making some innovative changes to the Atura NSW Track Championship in an effort to make the events even more popular with fans, as well as racers.

In a first for the venue, Sydney Dragway is offering free entry into the first round of the series in order to attract new families and fans to be introduced to the action!

Sydney Dragway – General Manager, Luke Smith has also confirmed a number of new developments to help entice race fans to the series.

“We will be offering a $1000 spectator prize as an incentive for spectators to turn up to each round, all you have to do is be a part of the action. Full details will be published at, so keep you eyes peeled for details,” smiled Smith.

It’s not just about the race fans either; Smith also confirmed potential bonuses for racers.

“We are also offering $1000 for first competitor who cuts a perfect .000 light. It’s a cool prize that’s open to all brackets and again, the full details will be on the website soon, so you’ll have to be as quick to enter the competition as you will need to be on the startline.”

Smith also confirmed in innovative approach from the competitors racing on the Outlaw 10.5 bracket.

The racer group has developed a prize money pool that utilises the investment of the bracket’s own sponsors, as well as the racer’s own ‘buy-in’.

The structure gives all 10.5 Racers an option to pay a $500 ‘buy-in’ fee, which becomes an end of season prize pool for the 10.5 Track Championship winner.

This is in addition the regular Sydney Dragway end of season prize money.

10.5 group’s own sponsors will pay $1000 in prize money for each round winner – on top of the Sydney Dragway $200 win and $100 for second payout.

Smith concluded “This extra prize money is at no cost to us as a venue, but what it does do is provide a decent incentive for 10.5’s to race each round and compete for the championship and that’s exactly the sort of initiative that we want to develop.

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