Sydney Dragway track repairs complete

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Significant work has been undertaken on the Sydney Dragway racing surface over the past month with the aim to improve the racing surface.

Sydney Dragway has been in negotiations with the New South Wales Public Works, Sydney Region which is part of the Department of Finance and Services of the New South Wales Government for some time looking for a solution rectify the bumps in the concrete surface and the transition were the concrete meets the asphalt.

“The work currently being undertaken at the track – the batter wall on the access road, the toilets, and the track grinding and resurfacing are part of the $1.2M Public Work Government grant resulting from the work of Tony Beuk and the Management Sub Board,” said Sydney Dragway Chairman Sam Sofi .

The work is now completed despite weather delays and unforeseen issues that occur with such a large operation did cause some disruption to the tracks racing schedule. But the final finishing touches are being applied in readiness for this weekend’s test and tune where competitors will for the first time have a chance to examine the new surface.

All rubber was water blasted from the track, before the concrete was ground down and profiled for a much flatter racing surface.

The bump at the transition with the asphalt was dug up and relayed.

Any imperfections in the surface were repaired

The final grinding process was hand done for the entire concrete racing surface to achieve a much more polished finish.

A working bee was organised to freshen up the venue.

The track was washed clean of all dust and tyre dragging has commenced to rubber up the track for racing

For more photos and details check out the Sydney Dragway website

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