Sydney Dragway’s full reopening postponed for further track works

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Sydney Dragway has announced that the remaining rounds of the 2020 Atura Blacktown NSW Championship Series will be postponed to continue further track works required as part of the overall facilities upgrade commenced in June.

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A statement sent out by the venue said that small ridges in the surface from the initial grind were not accepted by the Project Steering Committee.

The statements reads as follows:

“The new concrete surface has been ground to remove the top slurry and achieve the “flatness” tolerances that were set by the Project Steering Committee, in conjunction with the overseeing engineer. The initial grind has produced a track surface with a superior ride quality score never achieved or seen at Sydney Dragway.

“This initial grind has also produced the expected surface grooves and ridges, as the last grind on the previous track did. These small ridges in the surface have not been accepted by the Project Steering Committee, who have been evaluating the options for the finishing grind on the track. Whilst these ridges have not affected the opening of the track for street cars at our Aeroflow Race 4 Real events, it was anticipated that the finish grind could be undertaken quickly, paving the way to allow faster competition cars out onto the track. The Project Steering Committee is working through the delivery of this finished surface as quickly as possible, whilst also resolving a hardware issue in one of the scoreboards.

“The Project Steering Committee, Board, management, staff and our many officials are eager to see you back on the track, on a surface that will showcase drag racing not just around Australia but the world.

“We apologise to our competitors and fans who have been inconvenienced. We are working at getting our high performance race cars back out on the track as soon as possible.

“Due to the short 2020 season, the 2020 Atura Blacktown NSW Championship Series will now be incorporated into the 2021 calendar year. Points earned in 2020 will be carried forward and count toward the final total.

“It is expected that once the surface has been finalised we will resume with a focus on Test & Tunes and the Aeroflow Race 4 Real events, to ensure that all racers have ample opportunity to test on the racetrack prior to the re-commencement of Championship Drag Racing.

“More information will be provided to competitors over the coming weeks in terms of the expected timetable for a return to racing.”

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