Sydney New Year testing unveils new rides

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BrettGillespie TD 134 130118 53

Sydney racers had their first chance to blow off the New Year cobwebs with the first test and tune of the year ahead of this weekend’s Santo’s Summer Thunder event.

BrettWhite TAFC 143 130118 35

While the weather was hot, humid, windy and wasn’t scoring well on the comfort-meter, a few new car-driver combinations showed up for licensing in the professional class ranks.

BrettWhite TAFC 143 130118 34

Brett White made his return to Pro Alcohol now behind the wheel of a funny car, the ex-Wayne Newby steed to be exact.

BrettWhite TAFC 143 130118 25

Not making a full pass, the car dubbed “Carlos” looked and sounded strong in the less than ideal conditions.

AlfSciaccaJr TAFC 2207 130118 09

The Sainty team brought out their new ride – the ex Paul-Madill driven funny car – with Alf Sciacca Jr in the seat.

AlfSciaccaJr TAFC 2207 130118 16

Sciacca Jr is familiar with Sainty machinery, running one of their powerplant’s in ASR Supercharged Outlaws Lamborghini.

AlfSciaccaJr TAFC 2207 130118 20

Ironically the funny car offers improved vision of the racetrack for Junior over said Lamborghini.

AlfSciaccaJr TAFC 2207 130118 23

Unfortunately the new car was proving temperamental and a dropped valve by the look of it in the burnout ending the team’s day, but they will be back this weekend for some more testing.

BrettGillespie TD 134 130118 53

The long awaited return of Brett Gillespie’s rebuilt 1934 Chev Proslammer happened. The chassis has been completely rebuilt and stretched to a much more sane length for the amount of power it will be receiving by John Willard at Flatout Services.

BrettGillespie TD 134 130118 27

The end result is another work of art from Willard.

BrettGillespie TD 134 130118 12

Gillespie made several test hits with a fair wack of shake before finding a couple of little issues that needed addressing, so the team packed it away for another day.

MarkDrew TBT 2987 130118 11

Mark Drew was in town early with the colourful Fin Jaska Salakari to test the new fuel system on the Australia’s quickest nitro Harley.

MarkDrew TBT 2987 130118 23

MarkDrew TBT 2987 130118 09

The high wind limited the team to only one aborted pass that still netted a 6.77.

RodBarchet TBM 4170 130118 09

Also testing were the nitrous Top Bikes of Rod Barchet and Michael Dwinger. The Barchet team looked satisfied with a 7.08 best in the heat that looked very easy. 

MichaelDwinger TBM 1251 130118 12

While Dwinger with the help of American Darion Guillory in his corner is still coming to terms with riding his new bike.

BobReischl AMR 6268 130118 43

BobReischl AMR 6268 130118 43

A number of sportsman racers fronted up in the yuck conditions. And we spied Bob Reischl out in a new Modified Roadster.

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