Taylor welcomes new sponsor with a Nitro Champs win

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Carl Taylor took his Bubbletop Chev to a win at the Nitro Champs claiming his first the covenanted  gold Christmas tree trophy and a impressive debut for new sponsor Tilley Automotive.

“We had such a great weekend even though the rain almost stopped proceedings a few times, the track crew are a bunch of magicians, hats off to them all,“ said Taylor.

“The big 409 Chev (3900lb race weight) was just so consistent and proved to be very hard to beat. After the semi solo of 11.45 on an 11.51 dial in I knew what I had to do against Joe (Zammit) in the final. 

The final would be a titanic battle against Joe Zammit who really has dominated Super Street in Sydney with multiple track championship titles to his name, Taylor however took it to Zammit off the start with a perfect light.

“Joe is such a great competitor and normally is very sharp on the tree so I realised a good reaction time was necessary from me if I had any chance at all of winning the final, he said.

“Well I defiantly cut it a bit fine with the .000 light but made life harder for Joe to run me down.
Taylor’s in car jubilant reaction on the win was witnessed on the Sydney Dragway big screen as his cruised down into the shut down area.

“That would have to be the most exciting race I have ever run!.  After looking in the rear vision and seeing the flashing win lights I almost couldn’t believe what just went down. It took me about an hour afterwards before I was composed enough to actually talk properly again.

“Winning an ANDRA Christmas tree at my home track in front of all those fans and having a lot of important people come up and congratulate me was very special indeed. It looks kind of lonely on its own though.

And like what a genuine Super Street should be, Taylor drove the winning Chev home.

“After swapping back on my street wheels and cruising home down the M7 I was thinking maybe a shot at the winters could be in order, he concluded.

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