TBR readying for journey of 10,000km for Westernationals

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When Team Bray racer Ben Bray spends his birthday (March 2nd) flying to Perth, he will be flying over the heads of Team Bray members Andrew ‘Andy’ Gault and Bernie who will be driving TBR’s Gulf Western Oil Transporter across the Nullarbor in time for the Westernationals (Perth Motorplex: March 4-5).

For Andy, this 10,000 kilometre drive from Brisbane to Perth and back is far from his first rodeo – having made the trip at least sixteen times since the age of seventeen.

“The old trip across the Nullabor is something of a rite of passage for everyone at TBR, and one that I have enjoyed a number of times over the years,” Andy said.

“The first time that I did it, I couldn’t believe just how long it was! These days, it doesn’t seem as long, but the seemingly never-ending stretches of straight road sure is still challenging at times,” he laughed.

Team Bray’s Gulf Western Oil transporter’s fuel tanks hold just over 1000 litres and, towing a 14-metre-long trailer, will do each leg of the journey on “two and a bit fuel stops.”

For company on these trips, Andy has Bernie who has driver duty’s for the whole distance. The one-way trip usually takes four to five days with Bernie driving the maximum legal 12 hours per day.

“I wouldn’t want to do this trip on my own, that is for sure!” Andy said.

“I am not sure if Bernie appreciates my cranking of Slim Dusty during the trip, but I am sure he appreciates having someone to talk to.”

So is the long haul to WA, via Broken Hill, Port Augusta, Ceduna and Norseman, a chore or does Andy look forward to it?

“I don’t really mind the trip – sure it is long, but the Gulf Western Oil Transporter makes it a really good run because it is so comfortable to ride in,” Andy said.

“The scenery we get to see on the way over and back is pretty impressive too – it is constantly changing and gives us plenty to take in as we burn up the kilometres.

“Alongside some amazing countryside we also see a fair bit of wildlife – roos can be a bit of a problem as can Emus, but thankfully we don’t have to worry about Buffalo as we are too far south for them!”

It’s a huge responsibility to get a top-of-the-line transporter and purpose-built B-double loaded with around $1 million of race cars all the way across Australia, but Andy is up to the challenge and one he has always taken passionately.

“You are always thinking about security and safety, especially when you pull up at a remote place, you want to make sure the Gulf Western Oil Transporter is locked and secured,” Andy said.

“It really becomes second nature – we have some precious cargo on board here and the last thing we want to happen is for that to go missing.

“It is for this reason that we like the BP service stations – they have electronic surveillance so while you have a meal and a cuppa you can keep an eye on the truck park on the TV screens for extra piece of mind.”

The Gulf Western Oil supported Team Bray Racing will arrive in Perth in time for the Westernationals (March 4-5). In the meantime, you can follow the journey of TBR and the Gulf Western Oil Transporter across the country via the TBR Facebook page, with Andy set to make regular updates on the trip. Once they arrive, the Facebook page continues as a great way to follow the team’s progress throughout the Westernationals.

For more information on Gulf Western Oil, visit www.gulfwestern.com.au. For more on Team Bray, visit www.teambrayracing.com. For more on the Westernationals, visit www.motorplex.com.au

Fans wishing to follow Team Bray can also follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/teambrayracing, or interact with the team on instagram (#gulfwesternoil).

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