Team Bray explains Perth no-show

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The 2015 Australian Top Doorslammer championship roars into life this weekend at the Perth Motorplex, but the Bray name is glaringly missing from the entry list.

In a statement posted on the Team Bray Racing Facebook page, the team have cited Ben’s failure to receive medical clearance and new machinery being not ready as their reason for non attendance.

The statement reads:

“To all our fans in Western Australia, Ben and Victor want to explain our non attendance at the first round of the Australian Top Doorslammer Championship race. Perth Motorplex is one of our favourite places not only to race at but to attend events there as the WA fans are always vocal when their favourite racer is running well and supportive when times are tough.

We are unable to make this event as a team as Ben hasn’t received final clearance to get back into a car although if you ask him he is fine and ready to go.

We are also waiting to take delivery of Ben’s new 1979 Corvette Doorslammer from Murray Andersen Race Cars which we want to get ready for hopefully the second race in WA in a few weeks.

Our plans were screwed up a little when the Jan 9 race was announced but we agree with the change entirely which allows 2 events in the west. Once assembled we want to do some initial testing at Willowbank prior to getting amongst the tough competition we see in Doorslammer every event now.

Victor also wants to test a new NRE setup in his Doorslammer so here’s hoping we can get it all done before the end of January.

We want to thank all our friends, fans and followers for their thoughts and rest assure it will be a fantastic event in Perth this weekend and although it will be with a uneasy feeling of not being there we will be keeping up with all the action.

Finally good luck to all our fellow racers competing at the event and have a safe and fast weekend.”


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