Teams get testing underway at Motorplex

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Several teams took the opportunity to test at Perth Motorplex in a private hire today.

National record holder Maurice Brennan was doing some testing in Top Doorslammer trim, however on his second run of the day things went sour when body panels came loose at mid track causing the body work on the right hand side of the car to disintegrate.

While the day ended early for Brennan plans were well underway for repair work even before he had left the venue.

For the other race teams participating in the practice day the day was much more productive. Pino Priolo debuted his US built Top Doorslammer, impressing all in attendance with several 1.0 60′ times culminating with a solid 1.002 short time while Rob Pilkingtom had his Monte Carlo Funny Car out in AA/FC trim running .932 short times, 3.7 to half track twice and a slowing 5.82 top end after playing slalom with the 1,000′ timing block.

John Napier’s new Dodge AA/FC is stunning to say the least impressing, John himself with the power he now has under his right foot.

Others testing included Rob Young running the ex Ham altered in BB/AA guise and Russell Ladbrook who is coming to grips with his imported Funny Car set for duties in Mobil 1 Superchgarged Outlaws this season.

Photos by Phil Luyer – High Octane Photos

Report from Perth Motorplex



Brennan started to jettison excess weight as he charged down the track.


Leaving his crew to carry the pieces back to the pits.


Pino Priolo’s stunning 36 Chev Doorslammer impressed with some great short times.


We are in for a killer season if the new Napier Funny Car, just one of a number of new cars, is anything to go by!


Rob Pilkington’s Funny Car will still be a force (pun intended) to reckon with this season…


The ex-Steve Ham altered has moved from Queensland to its new home in Perth and will run in
BB/AA trim with Rob Youngs in the hot seat.


Russell Ladbrook is starting to get a handle on his Funny Car imported from the US this year.


The Moresby ‘Hotshot Racing Team’ had not one….


But two…opting to leave the teams third car – the Supercharged Outlaws entry home.


Maddy Craig in the Mad Racing (get it?) Junior ran a series of 8.7 to 8.8 ET’s
making dad Mike Craig (of Super Sedan fame) smile from ear to ear…


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