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With the Jamboree and Pro Street Shoot out fast approaching Willowbank racing testing has been heating up.


The Pro Street boys and girls have been going mental with personal bests and new numbers ones across the Pro Street classes.

Dominic Luppino has now dropped a 632ci BBF into the twin turbo Mustang in order to claim back the number one Pro Street Blown plate from the nitrous Capri of Matt Basonovic, and he did just that with a 6.93 at 213 MPH but had a lose in the braking area tagging the wall with the wheelie bars.


World class US turbo tuner Steve Petty was over to assist in the testing and after Luppino’s record breaking run it continued with Jason Barnett’s Radial Outlaw Mustang being driven by Dandy Engine’s Frank Marchese. The previous record stood at 7.95 with Jamie Farmer, but how does an 7.37 at 199MPH sound from a full steel bodied, stock suspension, all glass twin turbo Mustang, turbo cars now own all three blown class records in Pro Street.

Janelle Scott was representing the ladies and took over the number slot from Andrew Searle recently in True Street. Janelle consolidated the position running a PB 9.62 @ 139 in the Torana hatch.

With Johnny Wilson out of action for sometime due to a off track injury, Simon Kryger has taken over the driving of the Staunch Torana.  The big block nitrous beast was back in form with a 7.44|193 PB chasing down the turbo cars in Mod Street Blown.

Frank Marchese was also having a steer of Steve Bezzina’ turbo XW taking it to 8.1|175 PB

The Jamboree is less than a week away and following on from the record setting testing in Sydney, Willowbank also has seen plenty of action from the small cube rotary and piston brigade.

Scott Porter (not the Pro Stock racer) debuted his Nissan Infiniti, motorvated by a VQ35 V6, a unique car to track it will run some serious numbers after carding a 7.15|197 best already on its first day at the track.

Ben Bray has sold the MR1200 ute and has move onto the ex Rod Harvey Dato, running it for the first time with a sorting out mid 8.


Mazfix debuted two new cars, Brad Mcilroy’s Datsun 1200 ute and Jerry Kehl’s RX7 which is the ex Nathan Farrugia car from Sydney performed some shakedown runs.

Craig Dyson was out in the Top RPM Celica but no full passes.

Paul Pieffer hitting the two step hard and went 8.17|160

Ben Diggles 4 cylinder turbo dragster ran 7.50|176

Matt Edwards  had the high stepping 1300 carded a 8.72|152

Chris Tait was out in “Money Pit” 200SZ along with the Evo of Michael and Ben Maclean.

In other testing John Cannuli put the funnycar through its paces for a 5.67|250 MPH best, he also ran 6.15|225 in the Camaro doorslammer.

Allan Ray returned to the track, Ray crashed his previous Supercharged Outlaws Commodore in Sydney a little while ago, the team is back with a new car and a Willie’s body.

James Woodward took out this sweet little mid 10 second nitrous Mustang.

David Tucker made one 8.0 second lap in his recently rebuilt Super Stocker.

Remember the Jamboree is this weekend at Willowbank Raceway featuring the countries quickestSport Compact cars and high tech turbo V8’s including Rob Campisi’s 5 second Mustang lookingto go even quicker.

Photos coutesy of dragphotos.com.au

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