Testing Times Perth

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In preparation for this weekends Nitro & Fire event at Perth Motorplex, the Nitro Funny Car boys had a pre-event hit out.

Mark Sheehan clicked the Nitro Mustang early when it moved up against the wall.

IMG 2921

Anthony Begley has returned from the Nitro Champs ashes like a phoenix with a rebuilt Chemical Warfare. They made a soft half tracker on their only pass.

IMG 2852

Some other testing saw Andrew Katavatis into the low 7’s with the altered and Norbert Claite returned with his new ride a stunning XKR Jaguar for a few low 8 second passes. The former Canadian Pro Mod car is set up for Super Sedan duties but may see it in the future return to its blown roots.

IMG 3069

Jon Ferguson rolled out his gorgeous Supercharged Outlaws funny car


The Funny Cars will headline with Jet Cars at Perth Motorplex this Saturday night.


Nitro testing video

 Norb’s Jag video




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IMG 2784

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Photos by Davo Hunter

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