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On the eve of the Nitro Champs there has been a flurry of testing at Sydney Dragway, here is a wrap from recent test sessions.


Today saw a private track hire host a number of Group 1 teams.

Peter Kapiris managed a 6.01 on his final attempt of the day.

John Cannuli could not keep the Camaro in the lane he started from.

A 6.5 is all Maurice Fabietti could muster after chucking belts on the two step several times.

Shane Tucker made his presence felt with a 7.05, the quickest of the Pro Stockers.

Not too far behind was Peter Ridgeway with a 7.07

Jason Grima grabbed a 7.11

After lack lustre debut in Pro Stock at the last round, a 7.17 has Cavallo back in the game.

Nino’s 7.18 has him poised to make a mark as they come to terms with running with top echelon.

Last round victor Locky Ireland put down a 7.6.

With Factory Extreme making its appearance at the Nitro Champs as a exhibition there were several teams taking a chance to test today, Joe Signorelli was solid with a 6.50.

Colin Willshire was heading in the right direction with a 7.10.

Mark Jacobsen debuted the R35 Skyline Factory Extreme car and ran a low 8, off it very early.

Outlaw 10.5 will also be a exhibit bracket this weekend and Frank Mamone made some laps today but the wicked Black Nova was not performing.

Travis Connor has returning in his blown LC for 10.5 duties, Connor ran a couple of 7.5’s hiking the wheel up all track, but may of wounded the beast.

US Super Stock sensation Brandon Huhtala performed a launch in James Xuereb’s Cutlass.

Last weekend saw a packed test and tune with around 140 racers rocking up keen to take advantage of the cooler conditions.

Andrew Cowin struck the tyres on his first run and likewise on their second attempt backfiring the supercharger.

Phil Read with their new Uplift Cranes sponsorship did not go past 300ft.

Wayne Newby debuted his Funny Car after the dragster was destroyed in Adelaide, a couple of strong launches and I think we will see Newby a threat on the weekend.

Paul Madill and Stuart Johnson did not make representative runs in their floppers

Peter Blake had the Mustang rearing on its hind legs but only managed a 6.9

Bruce Leake ran a 7.21 best for the day

Chris Porter wrestled a 7.24 out of his nitro Harley.

He might be at a disadvantage with the aero package but Russell Mills still cranked out a 5.93 PB in his Crown Victoria AA/FC

John Culmone continues to creep up on B/G with 7.8’s

After a brush with the wall last time out Con Galatis ran 7.66 in his SCO come 10.5 Torana.

Steve Greentree had a troubled day.

The Super Compact brigade were out in force.

Lets start with some epic flamage.

Michael Baghdadi ran 7.73 from the SR20 powered Silvia, but had a major moment in the evening saving the car in spectacular style after becoming way loose when he hit the centreline.

Lee Docherty scored a 7.56 PB.

It was wheel stands all day long from Ray Chatki

Matthew Rice and Roy Yaghi are battling each other with low 10 second runs in their aspirated rotors.

Simon Hay is backing looking for seven ET’s again, just missing it though with a respectable 8.04.

9.01 from a near full street trim Silvia, that is hauling!

A monster launch sent George Haramis to a 7.85 PB.

If you like turbo V8’s then Sydney Dragway is where its at.

Campo took the 10.5 record to a new level going 6.22 at 239MPH!

PJ Todarello now has Campo’s old Cortina, PJ made a few tentative laps as he eyes squaring off with Campo in Outlaw 10.5.

Johnny Briscas powered to  a 6.73.

The Pro Streeters were in force as well, Bill Perkoski had the wheels up but couldn’t get down to his normal 7 second ET’s


Jake Edward doing old school with a blow through carby turbo setup cracked seven with a 7.97.

Khain Mackey PB’d on radials with a 8.04 with the turbo HR.

Joe Geri is attacking the new Pro Street X275 class, it means some extra weight for the twin turbo Lexus Capri, but still managed a 8.42.


Simon Kryger stepped into John Habib’s Torana as he was unable to make the day. It was the first time the new engine combo had the gas turned on launching the car into the stratosphere and new 8.08 PB.

Mark Arblaster had WAR440 out prepping it for its trip to the US for a shot at Drag Week, Arb’s skated to 8.86 best.

One of the iconic street cars of the 90’s has returned, Paul Grech’s One Tonner stirs memories of huge torqued up launches and low 8 second ET’s from one of the countries quickest streeters. Grech only performed a couple of soft foot brake launches from the 600ci HQ.

Bob Heritage had his hard launching nitrous Torana out and earns a 8.42.

Noel Grove hasn’t been out for a number of years.

Also going the turbo route Scott Jarrett put a huffer on his HJ and went 9.11 best

Got torque?, hows that rear suspension looking….

Son of Mal Gower, Jason was out for the first time in his Hilux.

Yes that is a Mighty Boy, Nathan Cowie’s complete with a 572cu BBC.

Ally Stewart had the freshened up Oztin out for a skid.

Continuing the nostalgic Canberran theme, Peter Cashin also brought up his Anglia bread van.

Brett Curnow has done away with sedan and gone for two wheels with his new Destroyer.

Highlights of previous weeks testing sessions would have to be Anthony Maatouks 7.35 and 190MPH VL record.

Shane O’Sullivan had a hit out with his new Outlaw ‘Vette, no full passes were run.

One of the most bad ass sedans to hit our shores is Dallas Whyte’s Camaro, nearly 800 aspirated cubic inches had the car under the Super Sedan record with a 6.82 at 202 on its first full powered pass.

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Photos by Grant Stephens, Plucka and Hayley Turns.

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