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On the eve of the Top Doorslammer and Pro Stock ANDRA Pro Series round at Sydney Dragway, the venue has been a hive of public and private testing, here is a wrap up.

We start off with the last Full Throttle Friday which a solid number or racers rocking up.

Wayne Newby cranked out a 5.75 @ 242 MPH.

Stephen Dupond went 6.35 on the Friday night but returned on Saturday in private testing to run a 6.23 bettering his previous best by a tenth.

Likewise Jason Hedges took advantage of private testing running into the mid teens after a 7.18 on the Friday night.

Jason Grima was playing with the old car while the new one was being prepared for a sponsor launch.

Jason Mansweto was the quickest of the sportsman cars at the Full Throttle Friday running a 7.09 in SS/A trim, the team are keen to steal back the SS/A record.

7.55 @ 176 MPH has Jamil nearly on the CC/SM record.

Marcio Francisco debuted this four cylinder Corolla from the house of Rigoli and blasted a 7.83 @ 176 MPH.

The quick new sports compact cars continued, this Skyline of Aleksander Cirtoski ran 8.35 at only 138mph on debut.

The Pro Flow boys were out in their Pro Street Torana’s running low 9’s

10.11 was a bit for Super Street in Victor Baralos’ turbo VN!.

It was a shame that C&V Performance couldn’t get this potent VW past the burnout

Good to see Paul Allen’s Torana back on track.

Not sure there are too many Humber Hawk’s on Australian dragstrips.

Anthony McPhan debuted his ’61 Bel Air, the car is destined for Pro Street duties once sorted.

Oztwin Kerrie Stewart was getting the feel of turbo power in Gary Halpin’s 2JZ Corolla while the Austin A40 is undergoing a freshening up.

As mentioned earlier a private test day was held following the Full Throttle Friday.

Arthur Kolaroff and Joe Polito joined Hedges and Grima in some testing.

Dave Gardiner is starting to step up the ex Robert Burke Super Stocker.

Gary Robinson was back on track following a mammoth wheelstand a few months ago.

Another new Super Sedan is Harry Kavalos’ sweet Monaro.

Joe Geri’s twin turbo Lexus Capri was also on hand with a number or other Super Sedans looking for extra track time.

More track hire testing was held during the week leading up to last weekends open test and tune.

That saw Mark Kuhn make some laps in his Outlaws Corvette before converter issues struck, South Aussie Kuhn ran the “THEDOG” EK ute in Super Sedan previously.

Moving in to the open test tune that had about 100 racers attend was run under a baking sun in high humidty before afternoon storm cooled things but keeping the track cleanup crew busy drying.

Daniel Schultz continued his nitro licensing, striking the tyres on the first run before launching to 300ft in the evening.

The Doorslammers of Jeff Wilson who was also testing during the week and Phillip Glendenning  made some laps in the mid 6’s but did struggle with tyre spin.

Dale Clothier was also up from SA in his FE but had trouble keeping it on the straight and narrow path down the strip.

Paul Madill couldn’t  get a full pass in.

Jason Grima debuted his new sponsor with the newest of his Mustang’s to a best of 7.24

Something out of left field is David Campbell V8 bike running 9.72 @ 142MPH.

Lyle Gilmore was also doing a spot of testing during the week, it culminated with a  7.09 @ 195 MPH from the wild little altered.

Frank Mamone skittled plenty of track reflectors wrestling the 10.5 Nova.

Nick Tsoltoudis had the Plumbmaster RX3 on rail with a 7.71

Anthony Maatouk was in the driver seat of George Haramis VL, after running its first seven a few weeks ago, the car was fitted with a auto to try and repeat the feat, managing a close 8.04 @ 167 MPH.

Sky high wheelie from Chris Manks due to a loose wheelie bar, the car appears to have survived the experience.

Royce Field had a big moment of his own when the 615ci Camaro got all crossed up after half track narrowly missing the wall.

Tony Huysman’s normally seen in his wheelstanding LJ Torana debuted a new ride in the form of this Camaro and ran 9.16 @ 148 MPH.

Another of newer Super Sedan, Joe Valenzisi has the Monaro launching superbly.

Michael Stivala was behind the wheel of the familys Super Gasser for the first time and drove like a veteran

Victorian John Brunner debuted this stunning HK Monaro for Supercharged Outlaws duties, with help of Maurice Fabietti tuning the hemi powered beast, Brunner ran several aborted passes.

Ryan Zammit joined the long list of orange Torana Super Sedan’s in Sydney.

Brian Bennett’s Outlaws dragster was not happy on the teams first couple of passes, the gremlin seemed to have been found after a strong burnout and half track pass in the evening.

Famed Sydney Dragway waterboy “Macka” was emotional watching his old “Mac Attack” EH Ute return to the track in the hands of Brian Mortensen.  Macka will be back on track soon with a Nova.

Sydney Dragway’s new Chairman overseeing the event while having a animated conversation with Santo Rapisarda

More private testing was held over the last two days, with a number of Pro Stock cars getting in some last minute testing before this weekend’s Pro Series round.

Peter Ridgeway and Shane Tucker we down from QLD.

Michael Ali will definitely be a contender.

Chris Soldatos will be making his Pro Series debut.

Emilio Spinozzi’s GTO is now all stickered up.

Frank Nirta returned to the track after his big accident at the Winternationals last year.

While only competing in Super Stock this weekend, Darren Parker’s gorgeous GXP is destined for Pro Stock.

With 250 entries this weekend for the Pro Series & Track Championship round at Sydney Dragway, its a event not to be missed

Photos by Cacklingpipes.com & Lee Davis Westernautopics.com.au

Video stills by Madman Productions



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