The Australian Nationals are set and ready

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Returning to its spiritual home for the first time in 15 years, the Australian Nationals at Calder Park Raceway will burst in life this weekend, and Calder Park Manager Peter Pisalidis would like to thank everyone for their sport of the event and venue.

“Entries have now closed and with 280 confirmed competitors for The Australian Nationals, I couldn’t be more happier that the drag racing fraternity has stepped up and supported this iconic event returning to Melbourne,” annouced Pisalidis.

“When it was proposed to hold The Australian Nationals at Calder there were a lot of people all over the country betting it will never happen and we wont get the support from the Group One categories to be able to run the majority of brackets. We had some major hurdles to overcome and with the support of some great people around the country we have full fields in categories we never though we would and a Top Fuel show thanks to Santo’s Rapisarda Autosports – and thanks to all the entrants.”

“Its well known Melbourne is the sporting capital of Australia and with some luck going our way weather wise, we will get decent spectator numbers and make the Australian Nationals return to Calder a hit. I know the track is good enough for all teams to run decent numbers and the rest is up to the variables that make our sport so unpredictable and exciting. We are getting great feedback from our Radio and TV advertising already from fans which gives us some confidence we are being noticed.”

“Just like every track in the world we still have some improvements to make and with the support of the Australian drag racing community we stand in a good position to overcome them and progressively get drag racing back to a level it deserves in Melbourne and nationally. I thank the Bob Jane Corporation for their support and all the ANDRA members and fans in particular.”

“We have several classes pitting on the infield again like we used to, which will give us some logistical complexities however this is what gives us the atmosphere of having the fans and crowd in constant view & interaction with competitors in pit lane and in view, which cant be replicated in this country and makes it all worthwhile.”

“Again, a big thank you to all for your support and hope to see everyone here on Saturday and Sunday!”

The Australian Nationals return to Calder Park Raceway for the first time in 15 years January 23-24. Qualifying is from 9am-9pm on Saturday January 23 and eliminations from 9am Sunday January 24.

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