The crazy moment two cars catch fire in the same race

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Drag racing is on the most part a very safe sport and incidents are rare, which makes this match up from the recent APSA event at Sydney Dragway all the stranger as two turbocharged monsters end up in flames in the same race!

First off the ranks we have Franco Cannistra who had a throttle stick in his RX3 and ended up getting into the wall in the braking area, sending the front of the car into flames. Cannistra hurriedly exits the car.

But in the opposite lane, things weren’t going a whole lot better for Michael Kalaitzakis in his Toyota Supra when a convertor blew, the flames licking around the front of the car in the braking area.

Here’s the action from an outside view. Thankfully both drivers were unhurt, except for the hip pocket.


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