The fans have spoken on the Winternationals winners!

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Drag News Magazine readers have voted on their favourites to win the pro categories of the 50th Gulf Western Oil Winternationals this weekend at Willowbank Raceway.

Taking part in the Pick the Winners competition, with an awesome subscription to Drag News Magazine up for grabs to win (or you can subscribe here right now), there were some fairly definitive results in most brackets.

Larry Dixon has the lion’s share of the Top Fuel votes, with 33% of voters picking the American driver, who will be steering for Rapisarda Autosport International. However Australian Wayne Newby was not too far behind with 28% of the vote.

The tiebreaker for the competition is low ET in Top Fuel and on that point, the average estimation by our voters was for a 4.516. As far as the race for the 4.4 second zone goes, 42% of our readers believe we will see the first 4.4 second pass for Australian Top Fuel this weekend.

Gary Phillips secured the most votes for any single class, with 65% of the Pro Alcohol vote going to the direction of the Lucas Oils Funny Car. Steve Ham was the next favourite sitting on 9% of the vote.

John Zappia was an unsurprising pick for Pro Slammer victory, with 49% of readers backing the Fuchs Monaro, but Ben Bray and Scott MacLean also polled with 19% and 17% of the vote respectively.

Aaron Tremayne is a 55% favourite for Pro Stock, while Lee Bektash has 25% of voters on his side for the final race of his career.

Top Bike saw the closest vote of any class with Chris Matheson a slight favourite on 46% of the vote, while Damian Muscat has 44% on side.

Finally, recent Pro Bike record setter Brad Lemberg is carrying the hopes of 58% of voters – who may also be optimistic of seeing the first six second run for the category in Australia.

There is still time to enter the competition here for your chance to win, we will close voting tonight before pro qualifying begins tomorrow.

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