The Jester hoping for the last laugh

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West Australian grain farmer Donald Freind is working around the clock to plant his crop and take his place in a whopping Supercharged Outlaws field at the Fuchs Winternationals.

Freind, level on points with defending champion Doina Day going into the season finale, will make the cross country trek once the crops are taken care of and as long as he can get in a quick power nap, he’ll be ready to race.

“Drag Racing conflicts badly with farming,” says Friend. “Four of the Perth Motorplex meetings are in the middle of our harvest and the Winternationals are in the middle of us sowing our crop so we are putting out to get the crop in to make it to the Winternationals. Working 24/7.

“I’m working long hours just to get to the Winternationals, no one will be as pumped as me provided I get a nap in the arvo. (I’ll be) smilin’.”

At last year’s Grand Final Australian Nationals, 10 racers entered the weekend with a shot at winning the Supercharged Outlaws championship. Six drivers will have that same shot at the Fuchs Winternationals but the 48 strong field will be gung ho for the prestigious event title and ANDRA gold Christmas tree.

“I reckon Outlaws are awesome, (I’m) bias of course, may the best man or woman win I say and the person who is the winner will have bragging rights to the best field ever put together for Outlaws I believe. Good luck to them all.

“I was to race Doina at Adelaide in the final, wasn’t to be so the final at Willowbank would be a nice outcome.

“What is it about Outlaws? I can only speak for myself, I spend a lot of time in my life spectating and I know how hard it is to afford to take a young family to the drags. I like putting on a show, know lots of Outlaw racers that feel the same. Group One play hard, Outlaws play.”

The Jester last appeared at the Winternationals in 2010 and holds some very fond memories. Regardless of whether he takes home a championship trophy, Freind is there to enjoy himself and entertain the fans.

“I’ve got lots of nice memories, smiling, the road trip, the down hill breaking area at the track is awesome, the atmosphere. Had an awesome crew and fans that came to watch. Met a drag racing fan there that has become a very good mate, it’s a good sport.

“I’m low key but have the sport at heart, I’d dearly love to win the winters but weather I do or not I’m going to put on a show.”

The Fuchs Winternationals featuring 500 racers across the six ANDRA Drag Racing Series Group One categories and 12 Summit Racing Equipment Sportsman Series brackets from all over the country take over Willowbank Raceway June 4-7.

Tickets are on sale online now – including discounted pre-purchase only tickets. Looking to bring the family? Don’t forget that children aged 13 and under gain free admission, while students with ID and Concession Card Holders can access discounted entry (terms and conditions apply).


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