The return of a Wild Bunch icon

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The Eastern Creek Performance HJ Holden was an icon of the Wild Bunch racing heydays, and now the car that famously ran down the Eastern Creek’s Christmas Tree is coming back.

Life of the HJ has turned full circle, back now in the hands of Brian Edwards – way of a generous birthday gift – and plans are already afoot to have the sky blue Holden on track as soon as possible in its recognisable Eastern Creek Performance Centre livery.

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The car’s notoriety gained momentum with the emergence of Wild Bunch. Andrew “Butcher” Constantinou raced the car until Brian Edward returned as owner before it was then sold to Adrian Christian who raced it until 1999. Since then the HJ has remained idle in Christian’s garage until last week when Edwards once again has been given the keys.

The refurbishment and updates to today’s standards are already underway to get the car back on track for Edwards to have his first skids, with Christian also planning to have a steer again.

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Welcome back Brian Edwards.

Images courtesy of Adrian Christian

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