The Sunoco evolution is coming

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Evo 10

Sunoco EVO 10 is coming and is ready to be unleashed on Australian race tracks.

Designed from the ground up and blended in Sunoco Racing’s own Marcus Hook facility under the guidance of the biggest names in Australian, USA and European naturally aspirated drag racing.

With its motor Octane of 100 and 10% oxygen by weight, Sunoco EVO 10 Unleaded is the highest octane and highest oxygenated unleaded on the market today.

This fuel has been independently tested by leading NHRA’s Pro Stock, Super Stock and Comp Eliminator engine builders and tuners. Sunoco EVO 10 Unleaded has proven to match and exceed existing leaded fuels performance with only minor at track tuning adjustments.

Sunoco EVO 10 has been designed and tested in a wide range of engines, from 16:1 naturally aspirated to lower compression forced induction combinations. And because Sunoco EVO 10 doesn’t contain any MTBE or ETBE, it is safer on your fuel system and can also be used in marine applications.

Motorcycle riders have not missed out either. The high burn speed will work extremely well with small capacity high revving engines allowing maximum power without significant timing changes.

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