The turbo revolution

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The turbo V8 scene is really starting to explode in Australia, while the scene still doesn’t sit comfortably in regular ANDRA competition they are making a serious Pro Street assault.


Here is a snap shot of what is new and leading the revolution.

The latest car to hit the track is Joseph Somma’s twin turbo BBF Mustang, running the similar combo as Robert Campisi’s weapon the car could make a 5 second assault once sorted. The team had some wheel clearance issues in testing and will be back from Craig Burns’ SCF in no time.

Johnny Briscas is another new contender, the former nitrous Camaro has had a twin turbo transplant from BK and went straight into the mid sixes on its first pass.

The current king of the scene, Robert Campisi has clocked 6.21 seconds and will give the 5 second zone a real go at the Winternationals. Just last week “Campo” went 1.000 in the sixty and clocked a 4.02 sec half track time.

The only legal six second Group 2 legal turbo car resides in WA with Moreno Gullotto which has recorded high sixes from the small cubed Toyota block.

The car which already has legend status and really put the turbo scene on the map was Ivan Tesic’s “MRMAD” Torana, insanely running into the sixes and is a show all of its own.

While the above cars really only slot into Pro Street Outlaw, having them go head to head is as great a spectacle as you will see.

Of the Pro Street legal cars, Dom Luppino is currently top turbo car in Pro Street Blown, running 7.03 the car is yet to crack a 6, but with a new BBF bullet coming for the Mustang, look out!.

Bill Perkovski and Jeremy Callaghan are two of the newer cars yet to reach their potentional but are still running well into the seven’s.

The Mod Street class has seen a battle of two Cortina’s

Daniel Nunziante claimed the title of the quickest and fastest several weeks ago running 7.19 at 201 MPH, the first Mod Street car over 200 MPH and all on a small tyre. Nunziante also has a big block coming for the silver bullet in a bid for a six second slip.

Joe Gauci was the first turbo to really fire in Mod Street, running 7.3’s he left the competition on the start line. Chasing the first 200 MPH run, Gauci came perilously close to achieving the feat running 200.53 MPH, only it happened literally minutes after Nunziante’s.

There are a number of new cars in the build as well, Paul Geri’s “FOPAR” is looking to debut in a couple of weeks, the twin turbo ford powered Daytona is certainly a unique combination.

Down Mexico way expect to see some threats appear from cars like Steve Athan’s Mustang.

As the turbo numbers build, ANDRA will have to adopt or expand classes to move with the times or there is going to be a five second Super Sedan record.

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