“This is what happens when you pump 70+ psi into a 1987 block”

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In the words of driver and tuner Anthony Maatouk, “This is what happens when you pump 70+ psi into a 1987 block”.

Maatouk Racing have asserted themselves as the leaders with performance in the popular VL Holden Commodore turbo scene, and their flagship sedan ‘VLGOD’ was a world beater. After breaking into both the six second and 200MPH barriers with their six cylinder RB30 combination the team had been looking for every opportunity to test and once again rocked up to one of Sydney Dragway’s Race For Real Street Meets.

Unfortunately though what happened next would be a lesson in how much boost is too much. On launch the VL bogged down before Maatouk double stepped it and at 70PSI the 25 year old block split in two, slamming the cylinder head and top half of the block into the bonnet and producing a rather impressive pyrotechnics display.

The Maatouks are not perturbed, confident they could have had the car fixed for the next testing chance in just two days times if customer commitments allowed. This just one of the advantages of stock engine blocks that can handle the punishment of 200MPH passes…most of the time.

Video of the incident below courtesy of Mark Wilkinson.

The aftermath engine carnage courtesy of Maatouk Racing’s Facebook page.

VLGODBlowup291113 1


VLGODBlowup291113 2


VLGODBlowup291113 3

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