Three turbos, one dragster

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The Thomas 4 Parts Racing rail has evolved, growing another turbocharger on top of the existing two for the 2.2 litre Ecotec motor.

We’ve reported on this car previously when it first came out, but driver Roxy Thomas was able to give us the low down on the reason for the addition.

“The engine is the same as before and the primary part is from the original twin turbo setup,” she said. “We have incorporated a much bigger turbo for the third in a compound system with two intercoolers. It is only running low boost until we get it sorted and then we will creep up on it. Early days as yet but the numbers are fantastic. It exceeded our expectations for its first time out and we very happy so far.

“We made three half passes with awesome data. We are excited to see what it can do when we lean on it and pull full passes.”

Check out some more pics below of this sweet turbo tangle thanks to the team!

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IMG 2134

IMG 2150

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