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Drag racing as a sport defies comparison, but to us it is more like a game of chess than of outright driving skill.


Having the right knowledge can be crucial in performing to the best of your ability.

With a view to making you a better racer, here is a selection of articles we have sourced from around the internet that we recommend you check out to become a better racer.


Staging Light’s Bracket Racing Guide



An excellent guide about every aspect of bracket racing from reading the weather to top end tactics.


Frank Hawley’s National Dragster articles



Most people know Frank Hawley and his famous drag racing school in the USA. Hawley is a master of not just driving, but the psychological aspects of racing which are often far more important to becoming a winner.
This is a gold mine of information and well worth the time to sift through.


Willowbank Raceway’s Go Drag Racing



It’s surprising how many people will spend thousands of dollars on a drag car or bike, get out to the start line and then make basic errors like not knowing where the start line is or where to shut off. And it happens more than you’d think.

Willowbank Raceway’s Go Drag Racing guide is an introduction to the very basics of drag racing with answers to the simplest questions. Even for experienced racers a brush up on the basics is never a bad idea.


Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Race Chassis Tuning



So you’ve got 1000 horsepower but how do you get it down to the track? This article provides more information about setting up a chassis and suspension than you may ever want to know!


If you have come across any other informative articles, leave a comment below and we will add it to this section.

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