Tommy Johnson Jr. vs Australia

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As the single US-based racer at November’s Night of Fire Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car event, Tommy Johnson Jr. will have more than a dozen Australian racers trying to uphold local pride and defeat the US superstar when they get to the Sydney Dragway startline on November 29.

Last year’s event winner, Rick Gauci is just one of the locals looking to take home the biggest trophy after the three passes.

“Last year racing Ron (Capps) was one of the highlights of my racing career and now to have the opportunity to race Tommy, it just keeps getting better and better,” laughed Gauci.

“Now I have got Tommy in my sights, my ‘Nitro Express’ ’57 Chev is getting quicker and quicker every time that we race it, I have the quickest and fastest Aeroflow Outlaw Nitro Funny Car pass when we get to Sydney.”

Gauci has already achieved a 5.69 second pass and a speed of more than 410 kph.

Series Manager Steve Bettes added, “Poor Tommy, they all want to race him!”

“He’ll be the arrive here with a target on his back. We were also in talks with Leah Pritchett to join us but it hasn’t worked out for this year but it’s something we’d love to try and do for the following year.

“It’s great to have Tommy racing, he is a great racer in this sort of car. We’ll see if we can find him a mate for 2015!”

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