Tony Frost’s Pro Stock Motorcycle dream a reality

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Last weekend at Heathcote Park Raceway Tony Frost had his long ambition of racing a Pro Stock Motorcycle come true.

A long time racer in the sportsman ranks, Frost had been racing in Modified Bike, before stepping up to Competition Bike culminating in an Australian Championship in 2018.

But for Frost the upper echelon of the sport in Pro Stock Motorcycle seemed out of reach with his racing budget.

“We have always wanted to race in Pro Stock, and ever since I started racing, I have admired the pinnacle of natural aspirated motorcycle classes,” said Frost.

“The reality of progressing to Pro Bike was talked about when my sponsor Clint from Force Wear Group joined, and Trevor Birrell started building  my Comp Bike motors. It was always discussed but funding and experience was my concern until went to Sydney.”

A opportunistic cameo Pro Stock Motorcycle appearance by Frost to help out a class struggling for numbers at the time, ended with a deal forged between Frost, his sponsor, and the Godfather of Pro Stock Motorcycle in Australia, Trevor Birrell.

“While helping out the Pro Bike class for numbers in Sydney in 2019 racing my little 1294 engine, the comment was made by Clint to me that it’s about time you do this, and step up to Pro Stock,” said Frost.

“Laughingly, I agreed. Next minute Trevor and Clint were researching where some chassis or rollers were to fit our budget and direction. And then the discussions and approval with the wife and crew that this is a possibility.”

Frost purchased the Dale Gilbert built bike as roller that was race by Phil Howard, and over the last couple of years through COVID times battled on to bring his ride to completion.

“Two years on, lots of hard work and time through COVID, we have built it, many thanks go to Trevor as he is 7 hours away, and with cross border travel from Victorian to South Australia had made working on bike difficult,” he said.

The end result host a Monster head 1655cc Suzuki bullet, 48mm Lectron carburettors, Racepak data logger and carbon fibre body.

Frost took to Heathcote Park Raceway last weekend to get familiar with the bike and for the crew to learn all the new aspects and setups in running a Pro Stock Motorycle.   

After three passes, Frost couldn’t contain his excitement.

“Got a long way to go, but learning as we go,” he said. “I was rusty for the first one and maybe a wee bit excited or nervous. But was awesome to get it on the track. Only went to just over 1/4 track but man, I just want to do it again.

“I cannot thank everyone that has got the bike to this point, I hope we do our sponsors proud and everyone enjoys seeing what we are achieving. Once we are confident, we will head to Sydney for full pass testing, then head into competing. Looking forward to race with long time friend Glenn Wooster.”

“People I have to thank are, Clint and Danielle at Force Wear Group, Trevor at Trevor Birrell Racing, Rob Ballistic Parts, Corey at C&K Carter Haulage. But most of all to my family and crew Tracey, Bronwyn, Brock, Rick, Jill, Baillee, Caitlyn and Cody for all their time, effort and support.

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