Top Doorslammer investigation finalised

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The Top Doorslammer final at the 2012 Fuchs Winternationals has been declared a non-result following investigation by a Queensland appeals tribunal.
Some important findings were made in regards to the way the race was handled and recommendations given to ensure that in similar circumstances in the future the situation is improved.

The issue occurred when Andrew Sutton’s stage beams stayed broken despite his car having left the start line. The tribunal recommended that a clutch dust discharge tube be installed on all Top Doorslammers to vent the dust behind the rear wheels and, with no implication of impropriety, Mr Sutton’s car will be checked by ANDRA stewards for legal clearance at the next event where it competes. Clutch dust is a highly metallic substance that can obscure staging beams.

A further finding was that the guard beam at Willowbank Raceway was de-activated. The guard beam is a third beam in the staging system that is designed to activate the timing should the stage beam remain blocked, as occurred in this situation. ANDRA will be enforcing and ensuring that all tracks are using the guard beams as detailed in ANDRA track specifications.

The tribunal also recommended changes to the structure of authority at race events involving the meeting director, chief steward and the Group One steward to avoid confusion in who should make a statement of decision on the results.

The investigation remains subject to appeal.

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