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One of the most iconic Toranas in drag racing – courtesy of new owner Dave Andrews – is once again gracing the blacktop.

The COME Racing name bordered on infamous for competitors in the ’90s, their name synonymous with record breaking performance. But it was the LJ Toranas of Sam and Issy Blumenstein, branded COME 1 that were the heavy artillery of the business.

COME1 doing COME1 things circa 2005

The original COME Racing LJ Torana was a Pro Street legend becoming the quickest street tyre car in the world before its demise in an accident. While version 2.0 was more purpose built for racing, holding the Australian Super Sedan record eight years.

Since all-but withdrawing from racing, the COME1 Torana has barely been seen on the dragstrip over the past two decades, but that is about to change.

Dave Andrews recently purchased the former COME Racing Torana and it has returned to the strip in all its COME Racing livery, with the blessing of the Sam and Issy.

The Torana still is housing the Holden 383ci stroker combo, and Andrews went through and checked all the valve springs, rocker clearances etc while replenishing the fluids that saw the Torana roar back into life at the 2200 Drag Club Day several weeks ago.

Andrews made several easy passes running the car back in, and getting accustomed to driving it, before stepping it up at the car’s next appearance, hopefully at the 2022 Holden Nationals at Heathcote Park Raceway.

The sight of COME1 once again on track will certainly bring back some old memories from a heyday time for the sport.

On a side note Andrews also owns the another Pro Street OG Torana, the O’Shannessy Bros old small block HB Torana.

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