Tough day for Rapisarda Racing in Vegas

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Dragnews Australia brings to you exclusive insights into Rapisarda Racing’s campaign on the super tough NHRA circuit. This time it is from the Nationals being conducted this weekend at “The Strip” in Las Vegas.

It was a rough day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway for Oz team Rapisarda Racing with Cory McClenathan finishing in 14th place and Damien Harris a spot behind in 15th position.

With the top 12 qualifiers automatically going through to race day, the Team Rapisarda duo tomorrow will be battling for a qualifying place along with such luminaries as Antron Brown, ex- pat Dave Grubnic and a trio of privateers.

McClenathan, after a strong opening run of 4.00/303 mph, good for sixth spot, slipped down the charts on his second qualifier when he shook the tyres on the hit.

Harris got off the line well on both occasions however on his first lap incurred the wrath of NHRA officials for oiling the track but under the rules for a first offence was not penalised.

“On the second run it felt ok early on,’’ said Harris. “Then we dropped a cylinder, pushed out a foam gasket and lost a couple of pistons.”

“Even so we ran a 4.23/270 mph. It was disappointing but tomorrow is another day and the both our boys and Cory’s crew are keen to put both the Rapisarda cars in the field.”

images courtesy Christie Mokotupu


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