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Drag Racing is renowned for its variety and innovation and Blaze Hansen’s turbo Hayabusa powered dragster certainly fits that brief. The pocket rocket race car recently became a world beater in becoming the quickest of its breed.


Blaze has been dabbling with the motorcycled powered dragster for a little while now after first running the machine naturally aspirated too great success.

“We have been developing this cars combination with the turbo for almost a year now, I previously raced it for two years naturally aspirated and won a Willowbank Track Championship with it,” said Blaze.

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With the addition of boost to the Wizard Race Products built dragster measuring just a mere 170”, the 1320cc ‘Busa power plant smashed the world record for a car of its type with a 8.13 at 159 MPH in testing. The previous bench mark sat at 8.30/160MPH and just a few days later Blaze rocketed to a 7.89 at 175MPH raising the bar to a whole new level.

The impressive results had taken Blaze aback somewhat.

“The performance was not unexpected, but not really due yet as the car is currently running a standard head, cams and valve combination,” said Blaze.

“We are yet to run a full power pass using our further developed engine, which will hopefully see the car into the middle to low seven second range at 190 plus mph.”


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Blaze would love to thanks all the people who help him on the cars achievements, Rob Novak from Definition Motorsport, Chris Matheson from Nitro Voodoo, Wizard Race Products and all his friends and family.


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