Treasure to stay at Sydney Dragway

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The success of last weekend’s Australian Nationals at Sydney Dragway was slightly tainted by the news that Drag Racing Manager, Ray Treasure would be leaving the helm.

However, Treasure has released a statement today confirming his commitment to Sydney Dragway after lengthy negotiations with the board on Thursday afternoon.

“It’s true that there are a few issues that motivated me to challenge the board in regards to the running of the venue, however after some formal discussion and concession by both myself and the board, we have resolved those issues to both mine and the boards satisfaction, and as a result, I am more than happy to continue my role at Sydney as Venue and Events Manager,” Treasure said.

“We have all worked hard to turn this venue around and with two successful events in succession with last season’s Nitro Champs and last weekend’s Nationals, I am confident that we have proved that we have the best people on the job to ensure that Sydney Dragway returns to being a great venue for racers and fans alike. It’s onward and upward from here.”

Acting General Manager, Rick Gauci backed Treasure’s statements whole-heartedly.

“It was unfortunate the rumour mill ran riot over the weekend, but I am very pleased to have Ray stay on and commend him for his professionalism in the way he and the Sydney Dragway Board dealt with addressing the issues. There is no mistaking that Ray along with Sydney dragway management team has spearheaded Sydney Dragway’s return to success and we are excited about continuing building the future with Ray at the helm,” he said.

Treasure was also keen to acknowledge the support he received from around the country.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank those that given me support not only recently but the entire time I have been at Sydney Dragway especially my work mates and event team,” he said.

Sydney Dragway’s packed calendar continues with the annual Mopar Rumble this weekend, then with the Cruzin’ Magazine Nostalgia Drags on November 18 and the APSA (Australian Pro Street Assoc.) Finals on November 24.

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