Tremaniacs troubled but still make final round

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Tremaniac Racing have spoken honestly in their latest press release about issues with the recent Southern Nationals event at Calder Park.

Issues both with the track and of a random nature conspired to make things tough on the team.

Team patriarch Kerry Tremayne said after walking down the track and surveying bumps and the transition from concrete to asphalt where the bitumen was about 40mm higher than the concrete, his sons Tyronne and Aaron knew they were in for a wild ride and the cars would have to be tuned to the track conditions to have any chance of getting down.

“Tyronne was out first and if everything could go wrong at one time well this surely was the case,” Kerry said. “At the end of the burnout the car went into tyre shake causing the parachutes to pop. The crew did the big sprint job to try and save Tyronne backing over them but didn’t make it.

“An attempt was made to pull the chutes out of the way but this led to more trouble when the chute grabbed the rear wing and split it in two. On backing up, the passengers door came off.

“(I) carried the door back only to be nearly run over by Tyronne’s car as the crew were pushing it back, not a good start.” Aaron was the only driver to get down the track under power in Q1, and later improved to a 7.12 in Q2 which would leave him in third position, while a 7.37 got Tyronne into the field at first but then bumped out.

But it wasn’t yet over for Tyronne.

“We are about to be called out when Emilio Spinozzio who qualified eighth informs us that he is out and Tyronne is in. (It was) a mad rush to prepare Tyronne’s car for first round,” Kerry said.

“Aaron goes 7.21 to beat Jason Hedges on an 8.73 and give him a semi finals berth, Tyronne is to face top qualifier Bill Kotsias, Bill creeps forward and red lights handing the win to Tyronne who goes 7.27 to advance to the semis.

“Semis – Aaron is out first against Rick Chilton. Aaron’s faster reaction time saved what could have been a disastrous run as Rick’s car is out of control and goes straight into Aaron’s lane. Aaron has to shut off early as his car gets way out of shape and runs an 8.13.

“Tyronne and Lee Bektash are out next. During the time it takes to clean the track, the track temperature drops 15 degrees, officials seeing the potential danger in continuing the meeting call it off.”

Kerry said the teams hoped they could finish the event at the X Champs but the rule book does not allow that to happen.

“Another championship round not completed (is) not the way to start a new season,” he said. “Tremaniac Racing are looking forward to the X Champs and hopefully will see a completed meeting.”


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