TRIPLE CHALLENGE RETURN? Nitro Up North to be combined with Supercars, Superbikes

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The promoters of the Darwin Supercars event have announced that next year’s Darwin Triple Crown event will combined with Nitro Up North drag racing at Hidden Valley.

The two events have normally kept their distance on the calendar due to logistics, but the announcements shows that a change in direction is planned. The Australian Superbike Championship is also set to race at the same event, sparking comparisons to the famed Triple Challenge events at Eastern Creek in the early nineties.

One would expect the Darwin Triple Crown to follow a similar model, with Supercars and Superbikes on the circuit during the day, followed by drag racing into the night. One benefit Hidden Valley has over the old Eastern Creek drag strip is that it is separated from the circuit, making logistics much easier.

It’s safe to say if this all happens it will be one of the hottest motorsport events in the country.

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