Tuckers monster to Sport Compact

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With Shane Tucker heading overseas to pursue racing opportunities in the NHRA what has become of his Monster Energy GXP?


Well the GXP has been sold and like several other ex Pro Stock cars before it will see a significant reduction of capacity and a whole lot more boost added.


The car has been bought by Michael Baghdadi and the Mick Motorsports team, Baghdadi currently has the fastest four cylinder SR20 powered sedan in the world at over 200MPH with his S15 Nissan.


He use to have the quickest as well until some kid named Ben Bray also in a ex Ian Brown Pro Stocker showed up and took the world record with a 6.807, so Baghdadi will even the machinery playing field and believes 6.6’s or better are possible.


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The old S15 will still be run by the team, the ¾ chassis car is Super Compact legal for CC/SM and is light years under the current index so they will race on with that for a while longer yet.


Mid six second times out of four bangers, who would of thought that possible a few years ago!




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