Two Steppin’ at the Brisbane Jamboree – Event Wrap

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In late September those flame throwing high revving Sport Compact racers were two stepping again at the Brisbane Jamboree, their flagship event. Our Queensland Drag News posse put together this wrap.



After his success at this event last year Joe Signorelli was no doubt keen for a repeat this year.  Things certainly started well with a Factory Extreme top qualifying effort on the Saturday thanks to a 6.469 second time slip just nipping of Rod Harvey’s 6.470.  Running a Chicago shootout format Joe scored two wins on race day but it wasn’t enough to conjure a final round appearance. 


Zoran Gajic was a crowd favourite in the 2JZ powered BMW thanks to some wild power wheel stands in qualifying.  A best on Saturday of 6.82 seconds left him in 5th place on the qualifying sheet.  Race day started with a loss to Rod Harvey but the day soon improved with a win over Collin Willshire in round two and a solid six second solo pass to close out round three.  Zoran would meet and defeat Tony Wedlock in the final running a slowing 7.233. 


Tony Wedlock was unable to get his Toyota into stage for the final of Factory Extreme. Wedlock defeated Scott Porter in the Infiniti in round one, benefited from a red lighting Rehayem in round two before a holeshot win over Harvey earning the Solara the finals birth.
0004George Rehayem drove the Pac Performance Mazda 6 to an at the time world record in round three.  A 6.455 at 216.34 mph brought the house down.  Unfortunately the record was short lived with the record going back over seas a matter of days later.  Another solid performer was Jason Both who only recently debuted a new RX7, Both cracked his first six second ET during the racing rounds with a 6.99.
0005Six racers attempted qualifying passes in the Pro Turbo category.  Coming out on top was Western Australian Mick Farrall with a 7.595 second blast at 174 mph in his 20B powered RX7.  Unfortunately the team couldn’t replicate their qualifying success when they were unable to compete on race day. 
0006Only 3 competitors were able to compete for the prize on race day and coming out on top was Brad Mcilroy.  Brad had qualified 3rd thanks to a 7.962 second pass from the Datsun Ute the day before.  An 8.041 was good enough in the final to defeat Justin Cook. 


Number two qualifier Justin cook ran his first 7 second pass in his big 2J powered Chev S10.  Justin’s slower reaction coupled with a slower 8.214 ET meant he had to follow Brad McKilroy over the finishing strip in the final. 
0008Heading a strong field on 10 Pro Compact racers in qualifying was hard working Queensland racer Chris Tait.  A recent engine rebuild netted a PB of 7.000 at 200.77 mph, painfully close to a six second time slip.  Tait soloed in round one and defeated Kym Vonholdt in round two before a round three loss to the Morris of Brett Morgan ruled him out of contention for the event win.
0009Kelly Corbett was victorious in Pro Compact running an impressive 7.147 in her final round appearance with Michael Baghdadi.  Kelly had earlier qualified third in the field and won two of her three rounds to gain entry into the decider. 

Despite being unable to reproduce his recent six second form Michael Baghdadi still had a successful weekend going all the way to the final round where he unfortunately had a troubled pass which handed the win to Kelly Corbett. 
00011Outlaw 10.5 struggled for numbers and in the end only 3 competitors were on hand.  Paul Mouhayet has risen to superstar status amongst the Pro Street and Ten-Five community thanks to the teams recent five second performance in Sydney.  The stifling heat on the weekend affected performances across the board but with endless horsepower and limited tyre the Ten-Five competitors were at an even bigger disadvantage.  The Moits team ended the weekend with a top qualifying spot and the event win though the best ET managed was a 7.12, far off the Mustangs potential. 
00012Ali Rayan was number two qualifier with a 8.24 second pass from his turbo charged Torana.  Ali ran a solo 7.979 pass in round one on race day but didn’t come back for subsequent rounds. 
00013John Smith was the other competitor in Outlaw Ten-Five in his Pontiac.  After running 8.763 in qualifying John was a no show on race day. 
00014Mr 289 Po Tung qualified number one in the Street 289 class to lead the group of 8 racers who would make up the Pro 289 class.  The Gas Motorsport prepped Celica ran a best of 7.631 at 190 mph in qualifying and kept the good form going on race day to get three round wins and then coming up victorious in a controversial final where a sportsman tree came down instead of the pro tree. 
00015 Stanley Kreis put a new 20B combination to good use running into the sevens for the first time with a 7.920 on Saturday.  Tim was the victim of the sportsman tree error in the final when he couldn’t hold the Cortina in stage for the extra ambers handing a win to Po Tung. 
00016Only two competitors showed up for Outlaw Sports Bike.  Mark Watson managed a troubled 9.355 from his Suzuki
00017 Rowan Lind was also struggling and could only achieve a ten second pass out of his turboed monster. 
00018The field of 17 Modified Ten-Five competitors was led by Adam Nuner in this 13B powered Mazda Rx3. 
00019Representing the nitrous V8’s Normal Barry went all the way to the winners circle in Modified Ten-Five driving his Chev truck.  Norman ran a 8.802 at 154mph in the final to defeat Luke Coy
00020Despite running quicker in the final of Modified Ten Five Luke Coy was relegated to runner up spot due to a slower reaction time.  The 3RZ powered Corolla ran 8.606 at 162mph in the final. 
00021Ben Diggles sat atop the qualifying sheets of Extreme.  The FJ20 powered dragster ran a string of six second passes through qualifying and racing on its way to the final.  A red light in the final handed the win to Ron Newton and left Ben with the runner up trophy to hold aloft.   

Ron Newton won all three rounds of racing keeping his dial in set at 9.90 seconds throughout.  Ron put the foot down in the final breaking out with a 9.76 probably due to seeing the win light in his lane due to Ben Diggles red light.
00023The 20 entries in Modified Compact were led by Derek Johnson in his insane 1JZ Toyota powered Commodore Ute.  The small tyred car ran an impressive 8.443 at 165 mph.   Derek was unable to race on the Sunday in a bracket decimated by the time racing began with only 8 of the original 20 racers able to make the call for round one.
00024The stunning 2JZ powered Hilux of Rodney Moore was victorious in Modified Compact.  Rodney ran a 0.109 reacted 8.633 on an 8.58 dial in to defeat a quicker reacting Daniel Ruggier. 
00025Daniel Ruggier in his immaculately presented RX3 was unlucky to loose in the final of Modified Compact.  A 0.069 reaction along with a 8.959 on a 8.86 dial in would have won just about any other race at Jamboree however it wasn’t enough to defeat a Rodney Moore who had a tighter package. 
00026Street 289 was won by Shane Elliott in his Corolla who used a 0.308 reaction time along with 9.741 on a 9.58 dial in to defeat a breaking out Tim Dangerfield. 
00027Tim Dangerfield was left to take runner up honours in Street 289 when his Rotary powered 1200 ran too quick with an 8.917 on the 9.00 nominated dial in. 
00028All Motor top qualifier Charlie Costanzo ran an impressive 9.886 second pass.
00029All Motor was won by Brett Jones in this 12A powered RX2.  Brett breaking out with a high 14 second pass but getting the win due to a his competitors red light.
00030Philip Corbet red lighted away any chance in the final of All Motor in his 10 second V6 Holden Torana.
00031Street Compact was won by Parry Georgis with a 12.345 on a 12.30 dial in in the Gemini.
00032Graeme Manietta was runner up in Street Compact.
00033Daniel Sekli top qualified in Sports Bike with an 8.761 second time from the Kawasaki.
00034Kevin Cleeve was victorious in Sports Bike running 8.867 on his 8.84 dial in in the final round.
00035Robert Simmonds nailed the tree in the final with a 0.002 reaction but pushed too hard at the other end and broke out handing the Sports Bike win back to Cleeve.
00036Street Grudge competitor Glenn Allen in his 13 second Cressida
00037Street Grudge competitor Renee Johnstone in her SR20 powered Anglia.

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