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10th October QDRC 2015 -  1364

One of the major attractions of Sport Compact racing is the wide variety of engines being utilised that many once would not consider as possible performance equipment – yet astounding times are now being delivered. 

From your common rotary, 2JZ and RB engines in the Sport Compact scene, we are seeing more exotic combinations like VR38, SR20, and 1RZ to name but a few, all running six seconds over 200mph – in many cases using many stock components. Now you can add the 1FZ to the list of Sport Compact engines being used in Australia with the debut of Nikki Hepburn and Luke Coy’s 1FZ powered, and equally unique Toyota GTS 86.

The 1FZ engine is 4.5 litres and out of a Toyota Landcruiser, the engine was built by Pro-T Tuning and Performance and is sporting a Garrett GTX55 turbo with a Link ECU. And like the engine the Toyota GTS 86 built by ET Chassis is the first dedicated drag car of its kind in Australia.

“The car took just off 18 months from start to finish, from rolling shell to running down the strip,” said Hepburn.

The car’s build will allow Hepburn a wide range of class options to compete in.

“We have built the car to be multi-purpose across a few classes,” she said. 

“The car has started out on the new Pro Drag Radials which we debuted with an 8.5 at 160mph on low boost. At the Melbourne Jamboree we raced Pro Turbo class still on the radials, but eventually we will try out some slicks on the car too when we start to go faster.

“Aim is to take the car into the sixes – with radials if everything goes to plan. And we will run Outlaw Radial at APSA events – but Pro Turbo for now at Jamboree, and eventually Factory Extreme if the car performs well.”

Hepburn would like to mention the engine bay fabrication was done by ProModz, manifold by GoPipes and intake Manifold by Bliss Custom Machining.

While some drag racing traditionalists find it hard to accept the Sport Compact scene, no one can deny the ingenuity involved and the numbers that are being laid down by the sport’s next generation of racers.


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