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It is with extreme sadness we report that Australian drag racing icon Dennis Syrmis has passed away.

Dennis’ wife Sue stated via her Facebook page that Dennis passed away peacefully at 10:15am on Sunday the 1st of December while she was at his side.

Dennis has been one of if not the most influential persona in the development of Australian drag racing. From being the National Director of ANDRA from 1974 to 1983, during that time introducing bracket and dial your own racing which changed the entire drag racing landscape.

To resigning from the ANDRA National Director role and taking up the position of founding manager at Willowbank Raceway, the position in which he remained until 2002 before ill health with Alzheimer’s Disease forced his retirement.

Former long serving ANDRA CEO Tony Thorton commented on learning of Dennis’ passing, “It’s a very sad day for Australian Drag Racing yet one of blessed release for Dennis Syrmis and his many friends. Dennis was a key factor in the creation of ANDRA, and the development of his chosen sport into one that was accessible to people at all levels.”

“He had a firm focus on what was needed and the drive to make it happen. As well, he was one of the drivers of the Willowbank Raceway project. On all counts, he delivered. His compliments and advice were the most valuable to me and although we weren’t able to get close for a while, his presence was an inspiration. God speed Dennis and a big thank you to Sue.”

Sue Syrmis has requested no flowers in lieu of donations to the help the fight against Alzheimer’s Disease, with details to come on how to donate and the funeral date.

Drag News Australia’s staff send their deepest sympathies and condolences to all Dennis’ family and friends.

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