Vale Milton Adey

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We are saddened to report the passing of Queensland’s Milton Adey yesterday. Milton was South Queensland Division Director from the early seventies through to 1987, after racing for some years in a variety of cars – always Ford powered.

Milton Adey is seen here at right with Summernats promoter and good friend, Chic Henry. (Jon Van Daal photo)He was instrumental in much of the early progress of the sport and ANDRA. One of his early projects with Dennis Syrmis and Trevor Mobbs was the development of the ANDRA Injured Drivers Benefit Fund, which still serves racers and crews today through delivery of personal accident insurance.

As the Australian Drag Racing Series grew in the late seventies Milton always led the fiercely competitive South Queensland team at the Grand Finals, making sure the mascot – a banana with wheels – was always in clear sight. After drag racing he maintained a strong interest in the hot rod area and until a few years ago Milton remained the voice of the annual “Summernats” event in Canberra.

“Milton was a great friend and supporter over 25 years.” said ANDRA CEO Tony Thornton. “Along with a select number of the people we would call pioneers, he has left drag racing a great legacy.


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