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The APSA Pro Street season has wrapped, but you can relive all the extreme action of the Grand Final through this great collection of videos by FPV.

We will start with what APSA is famous fall – wheelstands.

Here are all the finals in one video package.

BK tuned up Johnny Briscas’ twin turbo Corvette to its first five second pass.

Arthur Tsalamangos now owns Simon Kryger’s wicked Outlaw 10.5 Camaro. After testing solidly in the mid sixes, Tsalamangos had this wild braking area moment.

For the Dato and Rotary fans, Alex Hayward travelled down from Queensland and cracked his first 7 second pass.

Tim Cross top qualified with a 7.03 in Outlaw Radial.

Battle of the utes – Santo Di Pietro pushed his little FJ20 powered Datsun Ute to a 9.46 here.

The long awaited debut of Mark Hayes’ new LC Torana, the 700+ cube nitrous monster only made one run on the gas but punched out a huge 7.11.

Carolyn Tzortzas sets a 9.77 PB in her True Street Torrie.


Danny Makdessi’s stunning Outlaw 10.5 Valiant cranks out a 6.60.


Frank Cannistra has had some bad luck with his RX3 in the past, but looks to be back on track with some quick times.

Yet another quick Datsun ute – someone must be breeding them.


Marc Leake was so close to his first six second pass – and on radials.


We need to see more of Pete Glass’ sweet LJ Torana that only has a handful of runs to its credit.


Holy hell – LJ Toranas weren’t envisaged to do this Tomi Raikko!

Mid seven second genuine street driven car Cortina and it is a work of art.


The Godfather Same Sadek is back to his best.


Adam Lynch cleaned up in the DYO bracket with his One Tonner.


Terry Seng did not have the quickest of weekends by his terms, but 7.60’s for a car literally driven thousands of kilometres to race is damn impressive.


Dom Luppino went 6.78 on radials.


Jay Goodwin fought his way into the seven second zone for the first time on radials.


Tony Webb’s ultimate sleeper – love the rear mounted turbo set up.


Michelle Davies had a mid six second bracket Outlaw 10.5 machine all event – the lady can drive.

7.84 out of a XR6 – yep!


The bad ass radial cars keep on coming with Danny Busbridge’s crazy fast LJ Torana.


Seven second 300ZX out of the Rigoli stable.


Some say it is the real Pro Stock – APSA’s True Street class.


Elvio Gonzales’ Outlaw Radial Capri.

In a see of turbos there are few racers who still like to hear the whine of a blower.

Jeremy Callaghan’s Camaro delivered consistency all event that culminated in a minor upset defeating Michelle Davies in the Outlaw 10.5 final.

Andrew Milford provided great launches and camped in the sevens all event with his nitrous LC Torana.

Mick Brody doesn’t need power adders to run sevens with his Mod Street Torana.

Adam Buffett loves to dangle those front runners.

[DOZ08Z] becomes [DOZ07Z]

Stef Buccella’s bucking nitrous Torana.

Shaun Hale’s sweet X275 XT Falcon.

Mick McGrath’s potent nitrous Torana combination.

Josh Boskovich loves his Fords and hired gun for this Capri.


Craig Hewitt’s tough as blown Monaro.

Dandy Engine’s presence at APSA events is unmissable – here are two of their tough radial XW’s.

You will not see to many Bluebirds like this around.

Perry Bullivant has upgraded his Snickers bar to Camaro flavour.

Peter Alexander is a relative newcomer to the APSA scene with his Mod Street Unblown Camaro.

618 big aspirated cubic inches delivers seven seconds.

Why be normal? A LSX in a RX7 – why not.

Nathan Ghosn’s mint nine second daily driver.

Sam Danaskos conquered X235.

Brett Benz’s CL Calais has seen some incarnations of there years, current it is in turbo Mod Street Blown mode.

S13’s don’t come any quicker than Paul Torony’s SR20 animal.

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