VIDEO: Australia’s quickest FWD terror

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LukiSoldatic SSCC 2340 301018 09

The Luki Soldatic driven LS Autoworks Honda Civic came perilously close to a seven second pass with an 8.009 at recent Sydney Dragway Full Throttle Friday event.

There is not a high number of FWD drag cars in Australia pushing the limits of what the breed can do on the world stage compared to our success in other areas in Sport Compact or Import racing, but this Civic is an attention seeker and backs up it by being fast.

LukiSoldatic SSCC 2340 301018 16

Check out the video of their 8.009 second pass at a storming 187mph with the Civic on the edge, belching three foot flames on the shift, while ducking and weaving as is a common visual with FWD cars that must make it a crazy drive.


LukiSoldatic SSCC 2340 071016 02

LukiSoldatic SSCC 2340 071016 02


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